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One Car. Two Actors.

Can you write dialogue like poetry? Has a rhythm like music? Meaning like a knife?

Submission Rules

- Maximum 5 pages in total length excluding title page.

- Must be formatted to industry standard script layout.

- Any genre. Thriller, Comedy, Romance etc.

- Car can be stationary or moving (however, if you're filming it yourself it is your responsibility to be safe and create a safe environment for your cast and crew).

- This challenge is all about the dialogue. No car chases here please.

Finally. One script will be selected to be filmed by LSF Committee Member Robin Brooks (

All scripts submitted will be made public for all to read on our website. If you want your idea made it needs to be out there for our members to read.


If you like a script please approach the script writer directly about filming it.

If you want to retain full creative control then just submit your completed film entry. We would love to see it and screen it.


Subject: Royale With Cheese Challenge


We will show as many completed films including our winners at one of our Members Short Film Showcase events later on in the year.

Good luck!

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