Rules Of Submission 

1. Your script must be 5 pages or less in total length (Excluding Title Page).

2. Your script must be properly formatted. Celtx and Final Draft are really good programmes for this (See links attached).

    - We will confirm if it's properly formatted if you are not sure.

3. Scripts must be 100% your own. No plagiarism!

4. You must be able to attend the Script Feedback Session.

    - Failure to attend will mean that your script is removed from the session.

 Submission Fee 

1. It is £20 to submit your short film script to the "Script Feedback Session".

2. The first 10 scripts submitted will automatically be SELECTED for the session (above rules permitting) and so on to the following month etc if the first 10 have already been filled.

3. A date will be sent to you confirming YOUR session once confirmed.